DO A SHOT presented by Pro8mm & Kodak!

DO A SHOT is a hands-on shooting experience where participants get the unique opportunity to experience shooting film on film!!

Presented at top industry trade shows, city-wide film festivals, workshops, and more, DO A SHOT includes some basic hands-on camera training and education with a Super 8 expert. We teach you the unique properties of operating a Super 8 camera and the major components of the process. After the demo, each participant gets the opportunity to shoot a free roll of film.

After DO A SHOT, all the film is processed and scanned to HD at Pro8mm, and a compilation reel is edited and uploaded online of the shot film.

Please contact if you are interested in bring DO A SHOT to your next event!

Do A Shot at the Pro8mm Super 8 Film Summit Boot Camp 2012

October 19-21, 2012

Do A Shot New Orleans Film Festival 2012

Do A Shot at Cinegear Expo in Los Angeles 2012

DO A Shot at The Austin Film Festival - 2011

Do A Shot at The Florida Film Festival - 2011

Do A Shot at South by Southwest in Austin - 2011

Do A Shot at Pro8mm with the students of Universidad Panamerica Guadalajara